Fresh Bread Gallery, co-founder

Fresh Bread is a kitchen-based exhibition series in Rogers Park, Chicago. Each show meditates on metaphors of digestion and features an accompanying cookbook, a document of process and practice.

Date Night, co-founder and co-curator of performance programs

Date Night was an independent art fair that took place on December 12-13, 2015, in an unused storefront in Horton Plaza Mall, an architectural venture described as “a temple where we can all tilt our faces to the sun,” with “more angles than a train wreck – a multilayer maze of walkways, stair steps, terraces, bridges, arches, pillars, beams, and cupolas.”

Our storefront was donated to us by San Diego Art Institute, and we decided to further subdivide our invitation by offering local artist-run and alternative gallery spaces booths and walls; some chose to work without walls. This was fitting in a city whose independent art spaces were often nomadic, ephemeral, and collaborative. As a result, Date Night functioned as a space of community assembly within an economy of means. We sought to subvert art objects traditionally prioritized in the space of art fairs by leveling them with a program that included film screenings, performances, music, and poetry readings, often activated through mall apparatus such as the intercom, glass cabinet, and dressing room.