Kult of Konsciousness

A play in 7 parts performed in a 10’x10’ tent on the beach and re-performed for video.

Script: Kim-Anh Schreiber
Set Design: Audrey Hope
Costumes: Lila de Magalhaes

In this play, flowers cannibalize each other while stuck at home, eating salads and awaiting the birth of a baby flower. A cult is formed. The play was written through a non hierarchical collaboration in which costume, set, and script all fed off of one another and informed the end narrative.

Kult of Konsciousness was originally commissioned by SPF15 for Fringe Project’s independent art fair “Beach is Better,” Miami Beach, FL, December 2-3, 2016. Video footage was screened at “Las Chicas Presents,” The Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY, January 5, 2017, and at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) Workspace’s 2018 Open Studios.

Excerpts from Kult of Konsciousness were published in The Stockholm Review of Literature and glitterMOB.